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About Company

Geomatics Solutions Company was established in 2002 by the group of experts in geomatics. The company was created to deliver products and complex solutions in geomatics as well as to produce and process spatial data.

The scope of services, offered by GeoSolutions:

  • Topographical and geodetic production, gravimetrical and geological data supply
  • Engineering geodetic surveying and other kinds of works in the topographical, geodetic and cartographic domain, including field surveying
  • Laser Scanning and 3D Model creation
  • The topographical, geodetic and cartographic data capture to create and maintain cadaster system
  • The topographical, geodetic and cartographic digital databases creation and maintenance
  • Scientific researches and projects implementation in the geodetic, cartographic and cadastre areas
  • Development of software application in geomatics
  • Development of technical documentation for the state acts on the private ownership for the land
  • Development of topographic, thematic, ecological, cadastre and other kinds of maps, plans, atlases, DTM
  • Consulting customers in the geomantic domain
  • Cultural heritage objects monitoring and documentation


  • License of National Mapping Agency (Ukrgeodezkartography)
  • License of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources


GeoSolutions has 38 employees of staff, including 2 Ph.D.s in Technical Sciences and 1 Ph. D. in Economics.

The company staff has participated in several international projects related to spatial data creation, processing and QC/QA, creation of pilot systems of real estate registration and cadastre in Ukraine, training courses in GIT development.

Main activities:

  • Digital maps and Spatial GeoDatabases creation to support the processes of spatially distributed objects management
  • Development of software application in geomatics area
  • Integrated consulting in geomatics domain
  • Distribution of software, geodetic and navigation equipment, digital maps, spatial databases and remote sensing imagery
  • Organization and conducting of training courses in geomatics.


The annual output in 2007 was 2,6 million UAH, in 2008 2,95 million UAH, in 2009 2,182 million UAH, in 2010 2,918 million UAH.

Techno-economic potential and participant experience

"Geomatics Solutions" Ltd. has been doing highly-precise engineering-geodetic works in building and in maintenance of engineering constructions and complexes.

The most important results of the Geomatics Solutions Company work are:

  • Spatial Geodatabases for different areas of Ukraine
  • Creation of Real Proprerty Registration and Cadastral Systems prototypes
  • Participation in development of Ukrainian institutional and legal documents in areas of spatial data capture, real property registration and cadastre
  • Preparation and conduction of training courses on spatial data collection and processing, cadastre and real property registration, real property valuation

Some Projects

  1. Research and creation of base maps for Atlas of land market prices. Creation of scientific and methodological issues for Atlas (Client: State Land Committee of Ukraine, 2007).
  2. World Bank project "The Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project". Preliminary quality check of cadastral works in 10 different rural areas (Client: World Bank).
  3. World Bank project "The Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project". Pilot-project for testing Terms of Reference in Rivnenska oblast (Client: DKZ-014).
  4. Mapping of National Park territory (Client: Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, 2008-2009).
  5. Creation of geospatial database for 95 cities of Ukraine (2009-2011).
  6. World Bank project "The Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project". Quality control of cadastral, photogrammetric and mapping works (2010-2012).
  7. Creation of Terms of Reference for project "Aerial photo and laser scanning, digital orthophoto production in scale 1:500 for Kyiv city." (Client: Kyiv Municipality, 2011).

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